Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration in West Islip, NY

Items from the early 1800s and forward can be restored to like new condition. Porcelain Industries offers antique furniture restoration in West Islip, NY that can breathe new life into pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation. Refinishing completed at our facility.

Items we can restore, but not limited to, include:

Period Pieces - Barber Chairs

Period Pieces - Barber Chairs

Table Tops - Podium

Table Tops - Podium


• Antique Claw Footed & Pedestal  Bathtubs
• Pedestal & Kitchen Sinks
• Antique Ice Chests
• Porcelain Table Tops
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Radiators & More
  • white tender grey clawfoot tub
  • 5ft x 30 Tub white interior exterior polished iron feet 001
  • 5ft white interior and exterior polished iron feet
  • 5 ft black and white tub
  • 4.5 clawfoot tub white interior blue exterior

We Specialize in Refinishing Antique Clawfoot Tubs

The exteriors of antique bathtubs & feet can be sandblasted at our facility to remove the accumulated latex and paint prior to the reglazing @ $195.00.

Clawfoot Tub Reglazing Fees

Prices for Reglazing the Interior of Clawfoot Tubs as indicated:

• 4 to 5 Foot Tubs: $495.00 + • 5 Foot Tubs: $550.00 + • Foot Tubs: $595.00 +

Prices for Reglazing Exterior of Clawfoot Tubs as indicated:

• 4 to 5 Foot Tubs: $350.00 + • 5 Foot Tubs: $375.00 + • 6 Foot Tubs: $400.00 +

If you choose not to reglaze the exterior of your tub, a rust inhibitor can be applied to the cast iron. This seals the surface and prevents rusting. Our rust inhibitor is priced at $195.00 +

+ Additional fees applicable for unusual damage

  • sink
  • sept 20 photos showroom items 003
  • pipolo 3
  • Barthmaier completed tub 003
  • Bartell completed sinks 004
  • after 006
  • 12705

Options for Refinishing or Plating Clawfoot Tub Feet

• Glaze the feet the same color as the tub or clear coat @ $ 150.00 (includes 4 feet)
• Glaze the feet in Satin nickel, antique nickel, chestnut, or oil rubbed bronze finish @ $ 250.00 (includes 4 feet).
• Plating the feet in chrome, brass, nickel (satin or polish) is $350.00 per foot.

Tight Coating is an Optional Service (high recommended):

A ceramic resin is used to smooth imperfections on rough cast iron. This will make the exterior of the tub as smooth as the interior. You can choose to have the entire exterior of the tub tight coated or just 3 sides.

Prices for Tight Coating One Side of Exterior of Tub & Two Side Curves: 4 to 4 ½ Foot Tubs: $195.00 | 6 Foot Tubs: $275.00

Prices for Tight Coating Entire Exterior of Tub: 4 to 4½ Foot Tubs: $260.00 | 6 Foot Tubs: $375.00

clawfoot tubs

Clear Coating

Clear coating is an option that acts as a final sealer glaze. This glaze adds depth and shine to the finish on the surface. This finish increases the tub’s resistance to chemicals, abrasions, and improves its overall durability. To clear coat the interior of the tub it would be $ 250.00 additional.

Fixture Removal

Please remove plumbing from the bathtub prior to delivery. Additional fees are applicable for us to remove plumbing hardware.

Restoration of Earthenware period piece





Antique Restoration of Chandelier





Antique Tubs and Sinks for Sale

Antique claw foot and pedestal bathtubs; pedestal, corner, and kitchen sinks are available for purchase at our facility.

Finished Pieces For Sale

30" x 21" Kitchen Sink<br> Refinished in White<br>MFR. Date 6-5-58 <br>$425.00

30" x 21" Kitchen Sink
Refinished in White
MFR. Date 6-5-58

5 ft. x 30" Clawfoot Tub <br>Interior, Exterior,

5 ft. x 30" Clawfoot Tub
Interior, Exterior, & Feet in
Snow White

27" x 22" <br>Pedestal <br>China Sink <br>$475.00

27" x 22"
China Sink

4 1/2 Ft. x 30"<Br> Clawfoot Tub in Snow White<br> with Antique Nickel Feet  <br>$1,195.00

4 1/2 Ft. x 30"
Clawfoot Tub in Snow White
with Antique Nickel Feet

5 ft. x 30" Clawfoot Tub<br> White Interior, Matte Black Exterior<br> Pewter Metal Feet mfg. 4-4-1917 <br>$1,195.00

5 ft. x 30" Clawfoot Tub
White Interior, Matte Black Exterior
Pewter Metal Feet mfg. 4-4-1917

54 x 30<br> Pedestal Tub<br>White Interior, Olive Exterior <br>$995.00

54 x 30
Pedestal Tub
White Interior, Olive Exterior

4.5 ft x 30"<Br> Clawfoot <br>Silverdust Tub<br>$1,295.00

4.5 ft x 30"
Silverdust Tub

Unfinished Items for Sale

54 x 30" Clawfoot Tub <br>Price: $450.00

54 x 30" Clawfoot Tub
Price: $450.00

NEW Kohler White Cast Iron Claw Foot Tub <br>With Oversize Cast Iron Feet, <br>66" x 36"<br> Retail: $7500<br><strong>Our Price: $3600</strong>

NEW Kohler White Cast Iron Claw Foot Tub
With Oversize Cast Iron Feet,
66" x 36"
Retail: $7500
Our Price: $3600